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Leading a charity is a challenging and complex role and one that needs an element of commercial thinking to realise the full potential of the assets at your disposal.

We provide coaching, consulting and interim support for executives with a particular focus on innovation, strategy and income generation.

If your organisation is struggling to generate sufficient funds then we can help you to think differently about your sources of income and achieve financial sustainability.  A charity is not unlike a commercial business in that it needs total clarity on why it exists, its key strengths, its assets and how these can help to generate income without relying too heavily on grants and donations.

Our team have lived experience in both charities and commercial businesses.  We understand the limitations within which you work and we also understand how to run a successful business.  We believe that this combination can be a real help to many charity leaders.

We’d be delighted to talk through your challenges and to offer an appropriate level of support.

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