Through the Trustee Fellowship we work with boards on governance reviews; team development, trustee induction (including highly pragmatic trustee learning sessions) and strategy to help the team become even more effective in what they do.

Client feedback: Nigel ran a great series of sessions that helped bring our trustee board together and to think as one. It was informative and well structured whilst not too formal. Nigel has been an important part of up-skilling our board and getting us ready for the next ten years of the ‘Forever Manchester’ Charity. Thank you

Developing a Sustainable Charity

We don’t believe it is enough to have a board that knows their roles and avoids making mistakes. We believe trustees have a responsibility to deliver a sustainable legacy for the charity’s beneficiaries, and this means working effectively with the charity’s executive to challenge, support and take risks that can lead to a better charity

We understand that the board is a key catalyst in creating a thriving and exciting organisation. Good governance includes compliance but it is also about having a clear strategy, knowing when to take risks, seizing new opportunities and providing a sustainable legacy for your beneficiaries.

If you are seeking to work together for a common goal, clarify the respective responsibilities of trustees and the executive or your board needs to think differently to achieve financial sustainability, then please contact us.  We’d be delighted to talk through your challenges and to offer an appropriate level of support.

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Our History:

The Trustee Fellowship has been at the forefront of creating innovative and impactful trustee development programmes that have received endorsement from a wide range of sources. We created the first ILM Accredited leadership programme for new and emerging trustees that set the mould for trustee development. We continue to be at the forefront of trustee and board development.

Usha-Prashar600“Charities are a life blood of our society and charity trustees give their time and expertise voluntarily. However, regulatory burdens and demands being placed on trustees are increasing. It is, therefore, becoming important that these trustees are given relevant support. The Trustee Fellowship does just that.”

– The Rt Hon. the Baroness Prashar CBE


We no longer run open programmes for aspiring trustees. Instead we are delighted to refer you to ‘Getting on Board’ who do provide these programmes. Your can find out more at