The Trustee Fellowship delivers accredited development programmes for new and existing trustees.

We want to make being a trustee more desirable, accessible, enjoyable and professional. Because when a charity board possesses the right skills, insight, resources and support – they are able to realise real social change.

Why join the Fellowship?

Usha-Prashar600“Charities are a life blood of our society and charity trustees give their time and expertise voluntarily. However, regulatory burdens and demands being placed on trustees are increasing. It is, therefore, becoming important that these trustees are given relevant support. The Trustee Fellowship does just that.”

– The Rt Hon. the Baroness Prashar CBE

  • Designed to inspire a new generation of trustees.
  • Delivered via a series of modules (incorporating workshops, 1-to-1 coaching, group learning, shadowing and written assignment) we provide an accredited development programme for aspirational trustees.
  • We not only prepare you for your role but support you as you integrate within the board and provide on-going assistance to ensure your personal effectiveness and lasting impact.
  • Our open programmes can be tailored to address the particular needs of education, sports, membership bodies and NGOs as well as mainstream charities and housing associations.
Existing or prospective charity trustees including:

  • New or established trustees who are striving to continue their
    learning journey and contribute to their full potential on their
    charity board.
  • Employees in the corporate, public or charity sectors looking for
    meaningful and diverse leadership development opportunities.
  • Individuals looking for their first role in the charity sector.
We are delighted to be able to offer a limited number of bursaries on each programme of up to 40% reduction on the normal fee. These are currently being awarded within the following categories:

  • Diversity: We believe charity boards need to embrace diversity in all its aspects and that this will help to ensure stronger representation of beneficiary groups and more robust decision making amongst trustees.
  • Digital skills: We believe charities need to use digital technology to greater effect and that these skills should be present within the trustee boards.

To apply for a bursary please write to us describing your current situation and how you believe you could contribute to one or more of the above. If you are able to obtain the endorsement of your chosen charity, then this would be an advantage. Your application will be reviewed by our advisory board and you will be notified of the decision normally within two weeks.

Advanced Trustee Programme (all sessions run from 4pm-7:30pm unless otherwise stated) Spring 2016 Autumn 2016
Tuesday 11 October Mod 3 session 1
Monday 17 October Mod 1 session 1
Monday 7 November Mod 1 session 2
Tuesday 13th December Mod 3 session 2
Monday 28 November Mod 1 session 3
Monday 12 December Mod 2 session 1
Tuesday 10 January Mod 2 session 2
Tuesday 24 January Mod 2 session 3
Tuesday 28 February Mod 3 session 1
Tuesday 14th March Mod 3 session 2

dwf DWF LLP, 20 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 3AG

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