Trustee Competencies – A Quick Guide


Guest Blog – David Lale, Chairman of Charity People Group (Charity People, Career Volunteer & Charity Leaders) All charities are different and therefore no two trustee boards can be expected to share similar competences among … Read More

Trustee support – something needs to change


When it comes to the leadership of the charity sector, and in particular the volunteer trustees who serve on the boards of all charities, if we keep doing what we’ve always done then let’s not be surprised if we keep getting what we’ve always got. Another high profile charity casualty won’t just be possible, it will be a certainty.

Charity sector’s first Trustee Academy launches

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Charity Leaders is launching the UK charity sector’s first Trustee Academy with their flagship Advanced Trustee Programme, accredited by the Institute of Leadership Management. The launch on Tuesday 19th January was attended by over 70 … Read More